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I'm Back.

2008-05-15 05:30:14 by GreenTriangleStudios

yeah, i don't think too many of you even noticed... but thats cool.

anyway, im back now. I did not stop working on my music, so ill be slapping on up some songs here in a few days.

My work on 'Last Call' has been going slowly.. but its around 30% done for those of you who are waiting.

anyway looking forward to getting into some fights with mods, and pissing off the BBS community.

Yes, yes after many long painful, hurtful, intensely horrible years its done!!!

Link to Last Call Theme!

Current Projects!

2007-12-30 19:55:57 by GreenTriangleStudios

Well we have not gotten much done as of yet. But we are working on the first of a whole series of flash shorts entitiled: "Last Call" so keep an eye out for them.

-The sound track to the first submission of 'Last Call' will be out for download on the flash portal as of Midnight December 31st 2007.