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Entry #4

I'm Back.

2008-05-15 05:30:14 by GreenTriangleStudios

yeah, i don't think too many of you even noticed... but thats cool.

anyway, im back now. I did not stop working on my music, so ill be slapping on up some songs here in a few days.

My work on 'Last Call' has been going slowly.. but its around 30% done for those of you who are waiting.

anyway looking forward to getting into some fights with mods, and pissing off the BBS community.


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2008-05-15 05:59:16

Your songs turn me on!

GreenTriangleStudios responds:

im not gay kid.

don't hit on me.
here are the reasons.
1. its illegal.
2. its scary.
3. its illegal.
4. im in a relationship.
5. its scary.
6. its scary and illegal.
7. IM NOT GAY, or BI.

but thanks for the compliment i guess.


2008-05-21 06:59:21

I still find it intensely hilarious that you call SineRider a mod in your sig :)